Wear Your Helmet!

Think you don’t need to wear a helmet when riding a bike! Just a few years ago I was commuting to Sandhurst from Windsor in Berkshire. I took a detour through Windsor Great Park, which added a few miles onto my commute but it would be traffic free. Indeed, it was a lovely morning and what better time to enjoy the clean air I thought. Only thing is I cannot remember riding at all and my first memory was several days later when I properly woke up in the John Radcliffe Hospital.

I was told by an eye witness that I was travelling very fast on a downhill stretch of the Park. A squirrel ran out of the undergrowth and ran straight into my front forks – getting chopped up instantly. Unfortunately my front wheel locked up and I was launched over my handlebars and landed on my head and shoulder. When I came to rest I was unconscious and it didn’t look likely that I would ever wake up. I was airlifted to the hospital in Oxford and suffered a bleed on my brain. Several months of convalescence followed and I have made a good recovery. Forget what other road users should be doing and dispel any thoughts of “why should I” – remember that accidents can occur in the most unlikely places and it makes sense to always be prepared. WEAR YOUR HELMET!

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