Ride Guide & Coaching

Considering a Guided-Ride?

Are you on holiday in North Yorkshire and are a little unsure of the areas roads and trails? Would you value having an experienced riding partner to cycle with and someone to plan your route and lead you or your group of riders? Vern is a qualified coach and experienced cyclist who knows the very best local routes and the premier café stops in what is the best area to ride your bike in the UK. Give Vern a call or email now – the financial costs in a guided ride may be much less than you think.

Road or Trail?

Whichever type of riding you choose, we have the newly constructed Fewston mountain-bike trail on our doorstep as well as some of the countries premier roads that were chosen for the 2014 Tour de France. Rest assured that VO Cycles will tailor your ride to suit your wishes entirely

Call or email VO Cycles to book an accompanied ride.

Personal Coaching

Are you entered in a forthcoming triathlon or cycling event? Are you looking to improve your cycling strength, speed and endurance, or learn new technical skills? Riding with an experienced cycle partner and coach can enhance your all-round cycle skills and make you fitter and more able to achieve your optimum performance. Vern is a mountain-bike leader, triathlon coach and bike mechanic who is patient and well-versed in passing on his cycling knowledge and experience.

Give Vern a call or email today and discuss whether personal coaching may be of benefit to you.

Enquiry Regarding A Coaching Session Or Guided Ride

Call, email VO Cycling or fill in the form below and discuss a guided ride or the benefits of a coaching session.